Tumblin' Tumbleweed is another autobiographical tune that I wrote cruising down the highway; I believe it was highway 15 out of Salt Lake City on my way back to Los Angeles from a tour. At that time I was living in a tiny bachelor pad in Long Beach after havin' been homeless and kicking around the country for a few years, going from town to town, couch to couch, gig to gig, hotel room to hotel room and I really was feeling the transient nature of my life, my art and the ever changing nature of the Cosmic Body we call the Universe. I had gone to a Hindu Astrologer to try and put some sense to it all and see what my options, if any, were and one of the things he told me that really stuck in my head was that I would probably never have a home of my own, a place I could hang my hat, a place I could call my own. I have wandered all over this here little ol' Earth and one of the things that has struck me is that everywhere I go feels like home and at the same time none of it do. I deal with that subject in another song "I'm A Loner" also, with the line, "Every time I say hello, it's time to say goodbye." In the third verse I talk about burning a stick of incense for all the lost souls that ever rambled this highway, searching for a home as tribute to all the blues men and womens that came before me hoboing thru towns plying their art. Also in that verse I mention burning my body after I die and to spread the ashes over Japan. This comes from my Hindu beliefs that when you die you leave behind a shell and the soul goes on and also refers to my connection with Japan. Musically I pay tribute here once again to the great Muddy Waters, in that I basically take the Hootchie Cootchie Man form the way that Muddy did it and adapt it to my verses. I can never pay enough tribute to Muddy Waters, as he was responsible for how I have developed musically and also conceptually in regards to how I try to create a band sound. Of course I doesn't have a piano or 2nd guitar but hopefully someday I will find the right peoples to travel with and hit that ol lonesome highway one more once, I mean one more agin.



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