Adrianna the Spellcaster

LA Jones & Adrianna Marie - Spellcaster

   From beautiful heart-wrenching ballads, swings, shuffles and Chicago flavored blues, The "Spellcaster" and Legendary guitarist LA Jones deliver with integrity, soul and technique

Adrianna Marie is truly a spell caster in every sense of the word. Whether she’s  singing a haunting slow blues or a lowdown shuffle; Adrianna digs deep into blues and roots music with a sense of arrangement, timing and soulful delivery  that draws the listener in and leaves them spellbound. Daughter of the well known 60’s folk group The Carolee Singers, her musical road education began at  an early age. Travelling as a small child up and down the eastern seaboard with  her musical parents, her appetite to sing and perform began to grow. Influenced  heavily by the sounds of the 60’s and the vinyl’s played in the house; everything from The Kingston Trio to Louis Jordan and Memphis Minnie, her ears were filled with the eclectic sounds of many genres. Her career in the “family” business began at 10 years old performing in summer stock theaters throughout  New England. She continued to study both music and acting which led her as teen-ager to the stages of New York’s off-Broadway. She even spent some time on  the cat walks of the fashion world. Adrianna said, “Though she would probably be arrested today, I remember my vocal coach bringing me to listen and sit in at blues and jazz clubs in the low-down neighborhoods of Bridgeport Connecticut and  New York City.” “When I heard those guys playing in the clubs filled with the smell of liquor, smoke, sweat and wood, my heart ached for them and I longed to feel what they were playing and singing about.” “She had her mother’s Gypsy spirit and couldn’t grow-up fast enough to start living her life the way she wanted to.” She left for California at seventeen with nothing but her guitar and desire to experience the world that had been calling her all her life. 

It was those early musical influences and education that lead her to California where her eclectic, folk, jazz and blues infused vocal styling’s were well showcased by some formidable blues guitarists including: LA Jones (Pine Top Perkins, Otis Rush, Joe Houston), Wali Ali (Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin,) and John Marx (William Clarke, Mitch Kashmar.) Adrianna recently lent her vocal talents on the Mannish Boys "Double Dynamite" cd which won the 2013 Blues Music Award for "Best Traditional Blues Album".  Released on Delta Groove Records, she shared the studio on two tracks with Mud Morganfield, Finis Tasby, Rob Rio, Kirk Fletcher, Franck Goldwasser, Willie Campbell, Jimi Bott, Nathan James, Fred Kaplan, and Bill  Stuve. 

Her latest project, "Double Crossing Blues" released in Nov 2013 features Adrianna Marie with Her Groovecutters:  LA Jones, David Kida, Honey Piazza, Dave DeForest, Larry "Big House" David, Lee Thornburg and Ron Dziubla. Produced by Bobby Owsinski, the record showcases Adrianna Marie singing tunes from some of her idols like Helen Humes, Little Esther Phillips, Big Maybelle, Louis Jordan and Billie Holiday.  Recorded in analog, "Double Crossing Blues" is filled with chesnuts from the 30's, 40's & 50's and feels warm and restrospective. It features the incredible horn section arrangements of Lee Thornburg (Tower of Power), early do-op background vocals and the restrained and tasteful guitar work of LA Jones who plays vintage 40's D'Angelico guitars on most of the tracks. 

. for more information or contact Rachel Goldstein or L.A Jones at Barking Blues Music  or check us out on YouTube, search for LA Jones and Adrianna Marie.  THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!

Track Listing
1 - Big Fine Daddy
2 - Spellcaster
3 - Birdnest on the Ground
4 - Heartbreak Hotel
5 - Walking After Midnight
6 - Aint Gonna Serve Ya
7 - My Babe
8 - Many Sleepless Nights
9 - Let The Good Times Roll
10 - The Blues Are Brewing
11 - Hipshake
12 - Fever
13 - Women Be Wise
14 - Wang Dang Doodle
15 - Half Past Midnight
16 - I'm in the Mood