Smokin Drinkin' Woman, now there's a story. I wrote it about a former ex fiancÚ of mine, I start it out like this, "My wife left me this morning' her husband came and picked her up. Haha, that's ok she was butt ugly anyway, she was buck toothed, long footed cross eyed crippled and crazy. She was always dippin' snuff, chewin' tobacco and smokin' a big old corn cobbed pipe all at once, in bed with her army boots on. So I wrote this song about her." Now I exaggerate here quite a bit but the truth is I DID have a smoking Drinkin Woman that never did treat me right, no matter how much I told her not to, she was always smokin' in the house first thing in the morning too, damn! I hate cigarettes, they gotta be one of the nastiest low life mind dulling habits ever foisted on the unsuspecting public. Thank God that people are finally starting to fight it a little bit. So she would get in one of her nasty moods first thing in the mornin'. She was NOT a morning person before she had her coffee and cigarette. I AM a morning person, I ALWAYS get up in a good mood, thank GOD for another day integrated. So she would drive me on out of the house with that bitchin', cutting me down to size crap. AND I'd be scared to go back home at night, to face the music again. How did I put up with it? The song is a Jimmy Reed style "High Heeled Sneakers" kind of a groove, which is the only one I play like that and it NEVER fails to get peoples out of their seats when I does it live. I got a few little old turnarounds in there that are mine owns original type of lines sort of, I mean how original is anyone or any tune, expecially if you're speaking everything with a blues accent like I do. I play everything with a blues accent 'cause that's all I ever wanted to play or all I ever tried to play from my heart.