Well now, She Can't Not Be Satisfied came out in Dallas Texas when I was hanging there with Mr. Heavyweight of Swing hisself Mr. Hash Brown. They sure do love to push dance in Texas and swing is one of the things I've set myself out to learn me more about. So I was down there deepinahearta Texas and I meet this pretty little girl, who just loved my playing. She loved my loving too and I was foot loose and fancy free so we hung out together for a whiled. She was one hard woman to satisfy; hence the title with the double negative, meaning she will not tolerate NOT being satisfied if you catch my drift. I'll never forget the time I was watching Hash Brown play and I'm daydreaming along and she says "what are you thinking?" and I say "Man I'd give anything to play like THAT!" Later on when it was my turn to play and I pulled out my Flying V and turned that loose on them, I saw Hash Brown watching ME, with that same day dreamy look in his eye and I saw him turn to her and say something. Later on she told me he said the exactly SAME thing about my playing! Hahaha. You ain't never satisfied with what you got, seems like. Any who, musically I try to put some Jazz influences in that one like, Charlie Parker, T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. I owe THOSE guys big time for the inspiration and ideas they've layed down back yonder in yesteryear.