I Got A Rap Sheet On You, is another swing in Ab. "WHY do you, a guitarist, play in Ab?" I've heard that many times. Well because, I've spent a lot of time listening to: A. Horn players. Ab is a good key for horns and B. Albert King. Because of his I-D-U-N-N-O tuning Ab lays well on his ax. Now I used regular vastapol tuning on this tune but I like Ab 'cause I done spent the time listening to and learning that key, and my voice is good in that key and there's open string licks that lay different in that key for me on the guitar. The lyrics came to me as a take off on B.B. King's "I've Got Papers On You" song that he recorded in the late 50's-early 60's. Now I didn't copy the lyrics as much as I just got the idea from his title and then I went ahead and wrote my own lyrics about a few different lost loves and the way they messed me around. 'Knuf said about who she is. Don't want to call names out, Every time I loved and lost or moved on I took something good with me or some kind of good learning experience even if it was just "I'll never do THAT again", so, good can come from ANY experience, no matter how bad it may seem at the time I reckon. That's the duality of the known Universe manifesting itself time and again, in all aspects of the material manifested Universe that we all struggle with the Blues in. Dig.



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