WHO BEEN Talkin'?

I just love L.A. Jones!

"Jones really hits his stride on the Albert King pastiche 'Long Distance Love' demonstrating a mastery of the fine points of King's style"
Blues Revue

"Relentless in his sense of dynamics, creating and designing his solos to take you right out to (and sometimes over), the edge."
David Hussong, Vintage Guitar Magazine

"His tone is indomitable... Best, it's all blues, no rock."

Tom Hyslop - Blues Revue Dec/Jan 2002

"Fine guitar interjections in the style of Otis Rush"

"One of the greatest Blues guitarists in the world!"
Joe Houston

"Early 50's Chicago Muddy Waters-style slide"
Living Blues

"L.A. Jones is a fantastic entertainer and masterful guitarist"
Barry Gober August 2001 Southwest Blues

"What really blows me away is your ability to duplicate Buddy Guy's style of  run-a-way freight train, on the ragged edge of control,  lead breaks."
Herm - Electric Blues

"L.A. Jones is a great guitar-slinger and a genuine bluesman, the missing link between Muddy Waters and Jimi Hendrix."
Peter Deidrichs - Sweden

"L. A. Jones is about the best I've heard...
black or white"
James Peterson

"L. A. Jones can squeeze that guitar just like Albert King or slide just like my old boss, Mr. Muddy Waters"  Pinetop Perkins

"Catchy Blues with lots of guitar star flash"
Phone Booth Records

"L. A. Jones has THE SOUND!"
Bobby Owsinski, Eurojam International