Little Queen of Hearts is full of double meanings using terms from card games as I would hope the casual listener would gather. For those of you that miss my meaning, here's an explanation of some of the lyrics. It was written about a girl I was mad about as were most all the mens that met her. She had what is called exalted Venus in her horoscope chart which means she was extremely attractive to the opposite sex as is illuminated in the following line. She's the little Queen of hearts, meaning she rules love. The men will not let her be of course means just what it says, much to my discomfort at that time. She plays with her stacked deck, meaning the odd were totally in her favor in her dealings with us mens. Too many jokers for me, in other words too many idiots competing with me for her favors. Now when she starts to shuffle, meaning making love etc., etc as does the rest of this verse. Also meaning jerking different men around in her endless game. She's the little Queen of hearts, kept her King in the hole. Need I explain this? She's the little Queen of hearts, and it's my heart she stole. And she did too. When I was lovin' her, found out my love don't mean a thing. 'Cause she had a one eyed Jack, and a suicide King. Meaning of course two of her love slaves ready to do battle with me. Now she's takin' too many tricks, tricks is another word… well you all know what a trick is I reckon. Anyways, you get the drift. I got the idea for the lyrics from Robert Johnson's Little Queen of Spades although again, all I borrowed pretty much was the title.