One of the first concerts I ever went to was a BB King show way back yonder in yesteryear and he did that song. How was I to know that someday I'd be recording that very same song in a state of the art studio like Front Page Recorders? I was lucky enough to get the Martin Brothers to play horns on this and one other song on the recording. Those guys play so smooth together they're like one person playing three horns. They just went in and read down the charts I had prepared for them, made few minor adjustments, and harmonized beautifully together. A special thanks MUST go out to my dear wife Yoko for help on those charts with the fine-tuning. I borrowed heavily from my years of Buddy Guy studies for this song too, as evidenced by both the horn chart and the guitar and the whole approach to the song. Buddy Guy meets BB King was the method to my madness and I hope I have succeeded in paying homage to both these very different but equally talented, IMHO, giants in the Blues. A GREAT BIG thanks to them both for being a guiding light in my musical voyage for 99% of the journey so far.



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