Off The Edge of the Earth is a tune that I wrote about a woman. I know, I know, but aren't most songs written about the opposite sex? It's another verse in the continuing saga of the war of the sexes, although I hate to use the word, war. More like the cosmic dance between opposites. Well now, this here girl would come to town for a month, and we'd do the dance and then she'd leave the country and I wouldn't hear word one for six months even though I'd call, leave messages, write epic six or eight page love letters that were works of art and go crazy out there on the road wondering if she loved me or if she was just using me for a toy when she came to town. Then, just when I'd give up on her, I'd get a letter that would say "I'll be in town Tuesday." That's it! Then we'd start the dance again. I spent so many sleepless nights behind that woman's jive and carrying on. You've been there? Well then you know just what I'm talking about. The Martin brothers played horns on this one too and they were so smooth. I borrowed a couple of the horn lines from Jr. Wells, a couple from B.B. King, a couple from Buddy Guy and some of my own and smooshed it together on a piece of paper got some fine tuning from my fine wife Yoko and they read it on down. Thanks again Yoko.



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