The Blues is Brewing is a cool song that I got off an old Louis Armstrong record that I believe was recorded way back yonder in the 40's. The title of the record as I have it is "Louis Armstrong Sings The Blues. What a great piece of work that is. As far as I know it has not been reissued with the same titles although I have seen some of the titles on other releases. However, the only similarity to the original song, as far as the way I do it, is the cool lyrics. I use the Frankensteined Electra tuned to a D for this and just vamp from the 1 to the 4 throughout the song. Good luck if you are trying to play along with me tuned conventionally. I copped this here style on the guitar from Eddie Kirkland. I was fortunate enough to travel with Eddie for a short time and he really made a big impression on me with his originality. Check out the lyrics on this one, they're great! I wish I wrote this one!




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