Birthday Suit came from an idea I got while living in Dallas Texas. Hash Brown came up with the idea on the fly, something he does really great. I aksed him if it was OKIE DOKIE stomp if I borrered the idea and a few verses. He aid OK and dint even want co authorship. So I added a few verses of mine owns and know she's one of my most popular tunes not to mention the title track on the DVD. It was actually MY birthday that fateful day in Front Page Recorders when we laid it down on the first take. I just told Bobby Owsinski to roll the tape (not that they HAVE tape there, it's all digital, but I'm dating my self ain't I?) he said whoa wait a minute… you got the intro worked out… what about the arrangement… solos…? How about the ending?!?!? I said Bobby roll the tape here we go. He rolled we played and when we were done he was sitting in the control room with his jaw in is lap. I said, I think that was a take and he shook himself and said uhh, yeah. Hahahahahaha! That was the start of Birthday Suit and the whole day after that went smooth as a baby's butt.



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