Got My Ax To Grind, everyone's got an ax to grind what is mine? I have many axes to grind and here's my chance, namely you don't have to be black these days to play Blues with integrity, feeling and conviction. All you need is a lifetime immersion in the musical language we have come to call the Blues and to stay true to that music first and foremost no matter what other music you may dabble in. What makes a Blues musician? Just that. If your main influence is the deep Blues than it's no problem to play the Blues. Like Albert King said, "there's only one way to play the Blues, and that's PLAY THE DAMN Blues!" That's why when you hear him play The Very Thought Of You, for instance, he STILL sounds like a Bluesman. Why? Because of his BLUES accent, acquired from a lifetime of looking at everything through Blues colored glasses. As Buddy Guy once said, "The guitar don't know what color your fingers are." And that's what I have, to borrow another Buddyism, ten blue fingers and that's one ax I have to grind. I have many more axes to grind, such as spirituality, macrobiotics, Hindu astrology and meditation, but I have neither the time nor is this the place for that. Come to my gig and I'll talk your ear off during my break. Oh, I'm enthusiastic about my axes. Speaking of which, I used my Flying V tuned to Albert Kings tuning this time around on that song and I also used a Frankensteined Electra with a granny gear and a D tuning on the overdubs. What? What was the Albert tuning, well here it is just the way he handed it down to me one of his disciples. I-D-U-N-N-O! Ha! Got ya on that one no? I was playing through an original 1959 Fender Bassman and a 1964 Fender Princeton on 12 and 10 respectively. Yeah the Bassman goes up to 12, that's why they're so badass. As long as we're talking gear, I also use an Ibanez tube screamer sometimes and also a chorus pedal and a 60's tremolo pedal I picked up in Sweden. I set them up like religion and rarely use them though, the amps sound so good as they are.



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